Heated pool in the garden

Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing swim in our swimming pool. For the comfort of our guests, the water in the pool is heated. Within the pool there is a relaxation area with sun loungers and parasols. 


Relaxation in the Finnish sauna.

The sauna is an excellent means of hardening and conditioning the body for the treatment of specific also for the treatment of certain ailments and functional disorders of the functional disorders of the body: muscular pains, problems with blood circulation, the respiratory system and the immune system. Additional cleansing, firming and elasticising of the skin, as well as cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening the immune system. The body of toxins and strengthens the immune system. 


In our guesthouse, we have created a garden for you as an area of relaxation and relaxation. Spending time in the garden is a positive stimulus for the condition of the mental condition and has a soothing effect on your emotions and mind. In addition, it lowers the stress hormone cortisol, calms and soothes the body. It is in the garden is where you can find harmony, aesthetic sensations and peace. We therefore encourage our guests to spend time in the fresh air, a natural remedy you can use to your heart's content. which you can enjoy to the full with us.

In our garden you will also find a barbecue shed, a playground and a fireplace.

For children

Especially for our youngest guests we have prepared a versatile playroom with audiovisual equipment and a climbing wall. In the common area the youngest will also find toys, books and board games. In the garden there is a playground.


We provide our guests with sports facilities: bicycles, Nordic walking poles, volleyball court, exercise equipment, ski room and bicycle storage space.

Downhill skiing

Fans of the winter craze will find ideal conditions for an active winter holiday on the slopes. The most popular ski centres of the Śnieżnik Massif and the Orlickie Mountains are located near Villa Wzgórze Poręba. This excellent location makes it possible to use several ski resorts during one stay.

  • Zieleniec ski station - 23 km

  • Ski station Czarna Góra - 25 km

  • Ski station Deštné v Orlických horach (Cz) - 28 km

  • Ski station Říčky v Orlických horách (Cz) - 24 km

  • Spalona ski lift - 14 km

  • Rudawa - Jędruś ski lift - Orlica - 7 km

  • Dolni Morava (CZ) - 33 km

Cross-country skiing

In the immediate vicinity of the village of Poręba, there are groomed cross-country ski trails around Mount Jagodna and the ski stadium at the Jagodna chalet. On the other hand, 15 km from the villa, there are complexes of groomed cross-country ski trails connected to the ski stations Spalona, Říčky v Orlických horách (Czech), Deštné v Orlických horách (Czech), which offer more than 60 km of perfectly groomed ski trails.

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